Helping Female Entrepreneurs in Botswana Make Data-Driven Decisions

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Gaborone, Botswana

In April 2017, we had the opportunity to work with an inspiring group in Botswana who are passionate about female entrepreneurship. Their organisation is called Moments.

Below is Moments CEO Rachel Molefe’s account of the engagement.

Our Story

Moments is a group of women in the informal sector whose vision is to empower entrepreneurs at the start of their journey by improving their networking and sales through a variety of events and workshops. We believe that through these activities we can help entrepreneurs build strong businesses.

Our Most Recent Event

We named, and themed, the event Sip & Shop. For visitors, it was an opportunity to engage in all of the fun the title promised. For us, this event brought together a variety of entrepreneurs into a single large marketplace setting. The goal was to help entrepreneurs get out of planning mode, and their comfort zones, and develop their selling skills. Entrepreneurship can be lonely; the event would also allow them to network with other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas. Ultimately, we believed the event would help us all improve our businesses.

Using Data to Do Better

Senca Research believed in our vision and saw the event as an opportunity to help us gather the data we needed to improve our operations. They advised us on the importance of data prior to the event, assisted with data collection during the event and provided insightful analysis when it was over.They were able to give us exact attendee demographic figures that will be useful for planning our future events and attracting sponsors. Senca Research was able to tell us which of our marketing channels were most effective. They captured customer feedback and collated sales data that was invaluable for helping our entrepreneurs improve their products and services. They even continued to collect data after the event through their user-friendly and fun online survey.

In Summary

The Senca team made the monitoring and evaluation of our project easy and effective. Thank you Senca Research for your support. Through you, our next event will be even bigger and better.

Rachel Molefe

Moments CEO

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