Senca's Vision

A Global Development Community That Truly Works Together

Our Mission

Senca Research seeks to empower the global development community with the data and knowledge it requires to build a better world.


Only 36% of development practitioners believe that most development projects achieve their intended impact. That means we know, that we are failing a lot of people - who desperately need our help. Companies that use analytics to make decisions outperform those that do not. But no one has made data-driven decision making tools that are just for development organisations. Until now.

After working on large and small development projects around the world we became frustrated by our poor results. We were passionate and eager, but too often we would start doing - before we figured out what and how we should be doing it. We realized that we didn't have the information we needed. But that information was out there: some of it was spread across 1000s of websites, the rest was hidden behind paywalls and inside internal databases. We knew if we could get that information, we could learn from it and plan better projects. Once we had the information, we realised that everyone else should have it too. So we're building a system that makes it easy for everyone to find and use that information.

We've built Senca because we believe that by adding data to your experience and passion, we can help development projects succeed at a higher rate. We believe that data analysis, should not require a team of management consultants. We believe making data-driven decisions shouldn't require months of training. We believe that we can learn from the past, so that project by project, the developing world has a better future. We believe that easy to use software that gives you access to the collective wisdom of the entire development sector - is the first step.

History and Leadership

Senca Research was founded in Brighton, U.K. in 2016 by Itai Mutemeri (Head of Analytics) and Obakeng Sethamo (Director). Since then, Senca has grown to over 100 analysts, data scientists and programmers, with offices in London and Johannesburg.