Explore let's you quickly learn from past projects so you can plan your future projects better

Explore takes your existing project documents and turns them into easy to analyse data that provides meaningful insights

Taking you from a collection of documents

To a unified view of your projects

Our Projects by Country

Explore organises key lessons from your project reports.

Letting you quickly ask & answer important questions that affect your next project

Easily get answers to questions like:

"What factors caused our projects to miss implementation deadlines?"

Key Features

Easy Setup

Getting started is easy. Just upload the data you want analysed - Explore does the rest

Create and Join Communities

'Communities' let you securely share data between organisations so we can all learn together

Bank Grade Security

To protect your data, we use the same encryption banks use to protect your money. Learn more here

Industry leading companies are 5 times more likely to use analytics over

intuition in decision-making - IBM and MIT.

The best organisations in the world are winning by using their data. And now,

so can all development organisations.

Pricing plans built for organisations of all sizes

Plans start from just

£99 /month

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