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Common Uses

Commerce - Sentiment analysis that combines desktop study with real world interviews

Environment - Environmental impact assessments and soil/water sample data collection

Development - Beneficiary interviews and monitoring and evaluation

Surveys - Proven systems to make sure your surveys get responses

How it Works


You submit a research request. For example: "Please provide demographic information for a 5km radius around the University of Witwatersrand"


Our system automatically assigns your request to analysts & data collectors with the relevant skills, expertise and background


Your research and analysis are sent to your email according to your deadline

We don't just sit at our desks. Our data collectors go into the real

world to get the information you need*
* Data collection only available in SADC countries

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A consumer brands company tasked us with optimising their marketing efforts by collecting and analysing micro-economic data around Johannesburg

Read the case study
Case Study 2

New businesses need all the help they can get. On this project we helped female founded SMEs in Botswana make data-driven decisions. 

Read the case study

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