Baseline Data

Access gold production, pricing and environmental impact data from the artisanal & small-scale gold mining sector

Join 27 other finance, mining and government organisations on the Early Access Waiting List to get this data first

Base Line Data is a Semi Finalist in the Conservation X Labs Artisanal Grand Mining Challenge

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The world's first artisanal & small-scale gold mining data service

Gold from the artisanal & small-scale gold mining (ASGM) sector makes up 20% of global gold production. But trustworthy data from the sector is difficult to find.

Every month, Baseline Data gives you access to all of the ASGM related data you need from select countries. By providing data from formal and informal ASGM sites, we allow you to see the complete picture.

Popular Use Cases for the data we provide include:

Commerce - Market intelligence to help your organisation make smarter decisions

Environment - Longitudinal data on mercury use and environmental impacts from ASGM sites

Development - Monitoring and evaluation of ASGM sites after an intervention at a fraction of the cost

How it Works

Baseline Data is a subscription service that gives you access to up to date data from the ASGM sectors of select* African countries

Join 27 other finance, mining and government organisations on the Early Access Waiting List to get this data first
*Currently only available in Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa Click here to be notified when new countries are available

Who is Baseline Data For?

Organisations that care about bringing artisanal gold mining into the 21st century. Our goal is to increase the sustainability and profitability of ASGM. We do this by increasing visibility. In its current form, the sector does not do enough for the environment or its miners. We believe that by connecting miners to better data on pricing and mining practices, they can be more profitable. When miners increase their revenue, they can improve their environmental management practices. And by bringing this data to users like you, we can help increase investment into making ASGM more sustainable.


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